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 Motocross in Gozo was born in 1986.


Frank Xuereb, known as 'Ta' Brunu', together with some dirt-bike enthusiasts, discovered an abandoned land, full of debris, in the rural areas known as 'Ta' Xhajma', limits of Nadur, Gozo. 


A determined Frank, together with his motocross friends, asked the government to allow the guys to develop the land into a motocross track, their only aim to start practicing this sport. During that time, local motocross fans did not have a place where they could enjoy their hobby. Instead, every Sunday, one would find numerous riders practicing this sport by going up and down a hill known as 'Tan-Nuffara' in the limits of Nadur or in areas known as 'Ta' Laveċċa' between Għasri and Zebbuġ and 'Tad-Dabrani' between Marsalforn and Rabat. No competitive racing had ever been organized up to that point in time. 

Former member of parliament,r Lino Debono known as “In-Niksu” believed in this project from the very beginning and as soon as the necessary permits where issued, the first design of the track at Ta' Xħajma was commissioned, turning the unused land into the first and only motocross track in Gozo, The design featured multiple turns and jumps suitably positioned to test the skills of the riders. The new track allowed local riders, young and not so young, to get off the streets with their motorbikes and enjoy this adventurous sport in an adequate and appropriate place.

Mr. Michael Saliba was appointed first president of the Gozo Motocross Association who together with Vincent, better known as 'Ċensu Splot' and Ġorġ Xuereb, also known as 'Ta' Brunu',  worked hard and strove to improve the sport of motocross in Gozo.


On January 3rd, 1988, the first and only motocross racetrack in Gozo race track was inaugurated, presenting a series of motocross races for the occassion. The races consisted of two classes; Class A and Class B, watched enthusiastically by the numerous crowds who attended to watch the birth of this new sport on the island of Gozo.

In the following years, the motocross sport started to gain a lot of popularity on the small island of Gozo and riders and fans alike eagerly waited for each autumn season to attend the local championship.


Races, as is the case today, were held on Sunday afternoons, the track would be jam-packed with riders and local supporters who opted to spend a few hours of their free time enjoying this exciting sport.

Nowadays, the Gozo Motocross Association has developed into a committed Gozitan organization, harbouring its own statute and set of regulations. It provides fun and challenging races for all those interested. Multiple competitions and events include the Gozo Motocross Championship, Night Motocross, Flat-track racing, XTreme competitions, Trials and Enduro.


The association aims to bring together both young and veteran athletes to practice and enjoy their favorite off-road motorsport. The association also aspires to fortify this particular sport which will, in turn, enhance winter sports tourism to the island of Gozo. The Gozo Motocross Association constantly works towards creating more opportunities for its member riders by organising overseas twinning with other associations abroad.


The association is determined to constantly work harder and to be more diligent in the organization of motocross racing in Gozo. Training sessions are now in place both for adults, youths and children who are either established riders or would like to start the journey towards this new adventure. It encourages new and aspiring riders to join and form part of the association and to cooperate with the same association in order to help the sport grow and flourish on our beautiful island.

One of the earliest racing competitions at Ta' Xhajma motocross track
Former MP Mr. Lino Debono presenting a winning trophy to Joe Caruana, known as "Bones", who has sadl
Member riders in this race (from left to right) are Frank Xuereb "Bruno", Mario Said, Leli Dimech, (
A huge event featuring Maltese and Gozitan riders organised by Jesmond "Iz-Zi" and Gorg "Ir-Remig"
Current GMA president Frank Xuereb receiving trophy for 'Overall Winner' presented by then GMA presi
Presentation of trophy to member rider Mr. Joe Caruana
A hand drawn illustation for Gozo Motocross Association (circa. 1999)
Gozo Motocross Assocation Motocross Regulations (1995)
Newspaper Snippet of Track Inauguration
Early hand-drawn designs of track
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