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The Gozo Motocross Association is proud to announce its new project aimed to help riders in developing their skills in the sport of motocross.

The GOZO MOTOCROSS TRAINING CAMP will be held during the summer months between April and September including private or group lessons. The lessons, coached by GMA's own training coach Scott Donovan will help individuals to improve their motocross skills as well as new comers who have never ridden a dirt bike before and would like to learn this amazing sport.

Each lesson will be held at the association own racetrack in the area known as Ta' Xhajma at the limits of Nadur, Gozo, with a variety of turns and jumps suitable for perfecting those riding skills !



Small group or individual lessons providing the utmost attention and coaching from our professional motocross instructor, aimed to teach you the basics of riding a dirt bike while also optimizing the safety and fun factor or dirt bike riding.



Private one to one lessons are available for all age and skill levels. Our professional coach will help you develop your dirt bike riding skills with lessons catered to your ability and level and aimed to boost your confidence level.



Group lessons will teach you how to perform better when riding a dirt bike with other fellow riders.

For more information about our lessons, contact the Gozo Motocross Association by

​filling out a form here !


sending an email on


calling us on 00356 7909 4896



Who provides the coaching lessons?

All classes are provided by Scott Donovan, a multi-titled motocross champion who is glorifying the name of Malta and Gozo in the motocross community all over the world. Scott has been a professional motocross rider since he was 16 and he has competed in ultimate competitions throughout his life.

To whom are the lessons aimed for?

The aim of this project is to support ALL riders, from complete novice to intermediate levels. Our lessons are aimed for beginner riders who are thought the very basics on how to handle a dirt bike safely and what safety equipment is required for the safe practice of this sport, to intermediate riders who are taught how to further develop their confidence and riding styles in order for them to progress forward.

Where do classes take place?

​All classes are performed at our very own motocross race track at Ta' Xhajma, Nadur, Gozo. The use of the track will be limited to classes only. Use of track facilities for the duration of the classes is included in the price.

What if it is raining?

No need to worry. Our classes are held only during the summer months so there is no worry for wet conditions.

Are the classes safe?

Dirt bike racing is a dangerous sport however we take all reasonable precautions and meet all requirements of health and safety in order to provide a safe environment to all riders. In motocross, the likelihood of injury is very high so we would like to emphasize on the importance that all riders are equipped with the correct safety wear such as helmets, goggles, gloves, motocross boots, body/chest guards and appropriate motocross attire. Unfortunately, we do not offer such protective equipment so ALL participating rider must bring their own.

Are classes also available in Winter?

Winter training shall be provided based on the demand for such classes. For the time being, the association is offering classes during the summer months only, however, if you would like your classes to be held in winter, get in touch with us. 

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