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As everyone knows the motocross sport is dangerous so it is very important that all riders abide by a set of rules to ensure safety on and off the track and at all times! The rulebooks are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport in accordance with uniform rules. Such rules related to rider's conduct, use of the track, protective gear, maintenance of dirt bikes, and other safety measures are provided in order to make everyone concerned with safety.  Moreover, each rider in competition has the responsibility to read and abide by these rules and must assume the risk of competition.


This rule book contains the rules and technical requirements governing all events organized by the Gozo Motocross Association and is designed to provide the necessary information in relation to track and personal safety to all riders.

The rulebooks are updated each year and issued to all member riders. Amendments and alteration to the rulebooks are often made and approved during committee meetings held throughout the year.

The Gozo Motocross Association expects that all riders and parties involved conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting at all times the rights of others and safety on and off the track, however the Gozo Motocross Association neither warrants safety if the rules are followed nor compliance with any enforcement of the rules. Moreover, each participant in competition has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects of facilities and conditions and must assume the risk of competition.


The Gozo Motocross Association shall not tolerate anyone who does not follow these rules and that can jeopardize the safety of fellow riders and the general public.



Ghafas DOWNLOAD biex tnizzel l-ahhar verzjoni tar-regolamenti tal-motocross.



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