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All persons using the track and paddock facilities, whether during free time, practice sessions and during an event, must follow and adhere to the following set of rules. Anyone caught in breach of the following rules will be subject to disciplinary actions. Membership privileges will be revoked if these rules are not followed.


  • ALL riders must have a valid membership or a valid day pass to ride the track and a waiver must be signed. 

  • Ride SAFELY!  It is the rider’s responsibility to determine which obstacles are within their ability.  Ride AT YOUR OWN RISK and never ride alone.

  • All riders must utilize the appropriate protective clothing/gear including (but not limited to) helmet, boots and gloves when using track.

  • One rider per bike.  NO DOUBLING (i.e. having another person sit on the bike with his/her legs hanging down not on the pedals) is allowed on track and within the paddock area.

  • Be sure to enter track at a safe point and travel in the correct direction.  Immediately stop and notify anyone seen riding in the wrong direction.

  • Beginner riders are encouraged to hold to their racing line when faster riders are approaching; they will go around you.  Do not try and move out of the way or try to block oncoming riders as this may result in a serious collision and accident.

  • NEVER stop on the track, especially near or after jumps.  Riders experiencing difficulty during an event which requires them to terminate their race shall pull off to the side of the track, when it is safe to do so, turn OFF their bike and wait for the marshals assistance. Riders are not allowed to walk out of the track, with or without bike, before the race has ended and the instructions to do so are given by the race director.

  • Riders are PROHIBITED from consuming or being under the influence of ALCOHOL or DRUGS while riding. Anyone caught in breech of this rule will have his membership revoked and disciplinary action may be taken against him/her.

  • Riders age 16 and under must be under the control and supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times while riding the track.

  • Watch out for younger riders on the track. Ride with CAUTION !

  • The race director and/or members of the committee have the right to stop any reckless or dangerous riding on the track.

  • Respect and follow all rules of the track.

  • Respect your fellow riders.

  • In the event of an accident on track, NO ONE is allowed to step into the track with exception of the marshals, members of the committee and medical staff. Anyone who steps onto the track without authorization may be subjected to disciplinary action.

  • All riders are to follow the FLAG instructions during practice sessions and race events:


Indicates the start of the race and clear track conditions


Indicates serious hazards on or near the track. Proceed with caution. Must slow down, no passing/jumping.


Indicates a problem with your motorcycle or a disqualification. Proceed to the designated track finish area.



Indicates the race has been stopped. Reduce speed and proceed safely to the track finish area.



Indicates you are about to be overtaken by faster riders. Hold your line and do not impede their progress.



Indicates the final lap of a race.


Indicates the end of a race or practice session. Proceed to designated track finish area.



  • All riders must ride slowly (on 1st gear) in the paddock area.  No wheelies, stunts, doughnuts, etc. are allowed in the paddock area.

  • Watch out for younger riders on the paddock area. Ride with CAUTION !

  • All spectators must make use of the designated spectators’ area.

  • Small children must be supervised and under control at all times.

  • Pets must be on a leash, under control and supervised at all times.

  • In the event of an accident on track, NO ONE is allowed to step into the track with exception of the marshals, members of the committee and ambulance staff.

  • Trash and garbage must be disposed of in the appropriate bins. Keep the place clean.

  • Sanitary facilities shall be kept clean at all times. Respect others.

  • All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas and shall not hinder any access to/from the track grounds.

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