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The Gozo Motocross Championship is the yearly competition held by the Gozo Motocross Association for all member riders. Each rider is required to participate in a series of rounds starting from September up till May. Throughout the competition, riders will gain points based on their performance during the heats taking place on the day until by the end of the season, one rider is crowned the Gozo motocross champion!


Throughout the year, Gozo Motocross Association organizes a series of fun races for all members riders and rider that would love to join for some fun on the day. Fun races are different from the championship races as riders of each class are shuffled, sustaining a degree of interest between the riders themselves and also with the fans. Dedicated classes are also available for beginner rider who would like to try out this exciting sport for the first time. Winners are awarded trophies.



Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges where riders race against the clock in a cross-country off-road course. 

In this event, riders leave at intervals, and each interval  starts at a certain minute. The objective of the event is to reach pre-defined checkpoints and eventually across the finish line at the fastest time possible. 

These events are usually held in remote locations such as valleys and hills, offering a quite challenging course which is not for the faint-hearted !



Trials is a non-speed event carried out on specialized motorbikes where highly trained riders must ride through an obstacle course while attempting to avoid touching the ground with the feet. The obstacles found within the course may be of natural or constructed elements, carefully designed to test the skills of each rider. Throughout the course, observers count how many times each competitor touches the ground with the foot (or any part of the body). A penalty point is received for each time a competitor touches the ground. The rider with the least amount of penalty points is declared the winner.



Flat-track racing is when riders are required to compete around a flat race track with rough terrain.  This type of racing is all about finesse, commitment, aggression, and timing. Throughout the season, the association organizes various flat track racing competitions, open for all riders.



Every year, the Gozo Motocross Associations organizes an evening event bringing together motocross and autocross. The event is held at the Gozo Horse Racetrack where a custom-built track for both motocross and autocross is constructed in the central area of the site. The track is artificially lit with floodlighting, ensuring adequate lighting throughout the track. The event hosts multiple heats of flat track racing and autocross split into different classes.



This event leaves the dirt routes of Ta' Xhajma track, for an artificial track designed and created in an external space, featuring many obstacles including logs, rocks, tyres, and more – challenging enduro and motocross riders to push themselves for power, to reach the ultimate speed and endure the hardship of a man-made track. The event also features a constructed course, designed to test the balancing and powerful skills of trial motorbike riders.