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After many months of works by our own graphic designer at alanXdesigning, we are delighted to officially launch our very own website.

We are very pleased to have finally laucnhed our very own webSite, with a modern look and interesting features that we hope will make visiting the site entertaining and more interactive.

The site will feature many information such as upcoming and past events, news related to motocross in Gozo, the history of the GMA, details about riders and how new interested riders can apply and participate.

Furthermore, the site will also feature important documents such as rulebooks where anyone can easily download and view at their own discretion.

Our goal with the new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about motocross in Gozo and what the association is up to. The site will also be of aid to the riders where they can access and view their progress throughout the motocross season.

We would like to thank alanXdesigning who donated his time and energy to make this site what it is and also a special thanks to our sponsors for their constant support.

If you would like to leave any feedback or have any recommendations on the new site, feel free to contact us.


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