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The first ever GMA MotoX Relay Race was a huge success at Ta' Xhajma Motocross Track!

16 participants took part in the main event of the day - the relay race. The participants were divided into 4 groups, each group with 4 riders. The riders, ranging from Class A to Class D where chosen by ballot.

The relay raced kicked off the first rider from each group leaving the starting gate and doing 5 laps around the track. In the meantime, the second rider from each group toke place at the starting gate. Once a rider finished the 5 laps, he tagged the second rider with the latter starting his own round of 5 laps. This repeated until all riders from each group completed all the laps. The rider who managed to cross the finish line first would go on and win the relay race, ultimately crowing the group he was in, winner. Team members did their very utmost to not let their team down !

The day featured 3 heats of relay races.

In the first heat, the Red team led the way forward. During the second heat, the Green team won the round while while the Yellow team conquered the third race set. Points were allocated to each team on how they performed in each heat.

As overall points were counted, the Yellow team won first place followed by the Red and Green respectively, with the Orange team placing fourth.

Meanwhile the junior kids races also took place. Six children participated in a 5 lap race, doing three heats across the whole event.

This events' main sponsor was Sports Experience Trophies & Awards.

GMA President Frank Xuereb presented the sponsored trophies to all teams while he handed GMA medals to the junior participants.

Ravenol Lubricants & Oil at Galea General Services LTD handed out products to all the winners.

The Gozo Motocross Association would like to thank all participants who participated in last Sundays' event and would like to announce that the fifth round of the Gozo Motocross Championship 21 - fuelledby Enemed will take place on 7th February 2021 at the Ta' Xhajma Motocross Racetrack.

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