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This morning, member riders and committee members of the Gozo Motocross Association donated blood at the Xewkija health centre.

Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are constantly needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed. Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person.

The Gozo Motocross Association encourages everyone to take part in this noble gesture and to give blood to those who might be needing it.

Below one can find the schedule for blood drives at the Gozo Xewkija Berġa. Each event is preceded with a notification including more details in Blood Donor MT App. All events are subject to change, again a notification is submitted in Blood Donor MT App. 09-03-2021 Tue, Gozo Xewkija Berġa (1.00pm-5.00pm)​​​ 14-03-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berġa (8.00am-1.00pm)​ 21-03-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berġa (8.00am-1.00pm)​​ 23-03-2021 Tue, Gozo Xewkija Berġa (1.00pm-5.00pm)​​​ 28-03-2021 Sun, Gozo Xewkija Berġa (8.00am-1.00pm) It is important that anyone donating blood is required to take their the ID or Driving Licence. Young children to be accompanied by an adult who is not giving blood The Gozo Motocross Association on behalf of the National Blood Transfusion Service wishes to thank all Gozitan donors for their long term support in donating blood.

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