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What a wonderful, exciting and above all SUCCESSFUL experience!

Our youngest riders from the GMA Junior Academy; Matthias Sultana, Trystn Theuma, Craig Piscopo and Diego Panza together with four of our adult member riders; Steve Xuereb, Mario Cauchi, Robert Spiteri and Scott Donovan participated in a Twinning Project between GMA and MXSimeto OffRoad Park in Pelpasso, Sicily.

“We are tired but happy; it has been such an awesome and adventurous opportunity” exclaimed the boys.

The youngsters loved every minute of their training sessions with Amadeo Danilo on Saturday and Oreste and Kewing Valenti on Sunday. Two whole days of intensive training on the track, together with other Sicilian riders, of the same age group, under the blazing heat of the sun. A friendly race was also organised between the two academies on Sunday afternoon and our boys did very well indeed.

This project would never have been possible without the collaboration between GMA and Domenico Botta, his family and the trainers who greeted us with so much friendship and comradeship. They did everything possible to make our team comfortable and happy.

Meanwhile we were happy to be reunited with Antonino Muscolino, who had participated in our first twinning project back in 2019. At 73 years of age, he travelled all the way across Sicily to ride his bike with his Gozitan friends and riders at the MX Simeto track.

GMA would like to thank Enemed and Daniel Sultana from Vini e Capricci by Abraham and above all the young riders’ parents who place their trust in our associations and its administrators.

Thank you also to our wonderful hosts at Passitti Agriturismu who catered to the least of our needs, our driver Mario from Valastro Tour Service and the graceful and helpful Sharon at SharonTravel Sicily. We truly recommend both their services.

GMA announces that the second part of this Twinning project will take place in October 2022, when our Sicilian Counterparts at MX Simeto OffRoad Park will visit us at Ta Xhajma Track in Gozo for a weekend of motocross.

This is the second Sports Twinning project organised by the GMA which strives hard to take its members abroad for that extra special experience while putting Gozo on the list for the most eligible motocrossing opportunity there is!

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