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Gozo Motocross Association's riders have been featured in a new video aiming to promote a new campaign by the Ministry for Education and Employment.

The START STEM is being piloted by the Science Centre within the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes which targets students, parents and the general public and aims to engage more students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and careers.

The campaign launched on Monday 23rd November 2020 at the Life Science Part in San Gwann and is aimed to "promote a positive, vibrant, energetic expression reflecting the dynamic nature of STEM studies and careers. The campaign strategy, design and production are the result of the professional work of the STEM Education Officers within the Science Centre” (Owen Bonnici, Minister for Education).

Owen Bonnici stated that the Government is well committed to strengthen STEM Education on a national level. This shall be achieved through three main pillars: “We are aiming to enhance the educational sector in relation to STEM. The three pillars are STEM Curricula reform, STEM Educator Support and Professional Development, as well as STEM Popularization.” Bonnici said.

The Gozo Motocross Association shows its full support towards this campaign and insists on the importance of the education of future generations, with particular attention to the science sector. The association has been thrilled to be selected to feature its own riders and the sport of motocross in Gozo as part of this highly important campaign.


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